SOL Figueiredo
Enquanto sonhas acordado. Apagarei meu passado. Do sentimento retratado. A cada poema tão destilado!


My soul cries for you in mourning
For so much and still love you ...
Vacant at random, without even dreaming ...
Beg for love, but I do not fight!

I am reluctant, I will not even forgive ...
If it seems to you other nonsense ...
My heart is already deaf and mute,
it no longer wants to have love and cry ...

I sing a song half-human,
a love fool now, so insane ...
Neutered at its root, cripple!

My gaze slowly follows crying
in pursuit of happiness, change the cloth ...
Maybe someday ... What will be the year?

SOL Figueiredo
10/09/2012 – 10:50h*

IN: A ERA DAS PALAVRAS - Antologia Bilíngue da ALB - Suíça, 2013.


SOL Figueiredo
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